Social Responsibility


Productos Pesqueros is a business organization always developed within a framework of respect to people, the standards, and the environment in which we operate.

We have a responsibility of contributing to the production of an important product for worldwide nutrition, however, a position that favors a true sustainable development that allows providing our progenies a world with the best quality of life a possible has never been that important as today

Your collaborators, respecting their rights and improving their working conditions that have the necessary equipment and care so that they continue to make this your Company an ideal place to work,

With the Community, supporting as much as possible in their projects and improvements,

To the environment, with responsible production and consumption.

All this within the legal framework since constant improvement is on the present and future agenda of our Company, in this sense we always seek to positively impact the economic, environmental and social fields.


Human Talent is the Fundamental Pillar, the main aspect that has contributed for the company to achieve fast and good results. At Productos Pesqueros S.A we base our management on satisfying the needs and expectations of our collaborators in order to generate a sense of belonging to the company, improve the work environment and increase productivity.

Economic incentives are promoted for performance, integrations and sports activities, we sympathize with their afflictions with solidarity aid and we also enjoy their achievements and joys.


Aware of the Impact that productive activity causes on the environment, we promote responsible production in harmony with the environment.

We take care that the impact of the odors emanating from the manufacturing process with marine ingredients is minimal. We are applying an innovative project with the planting of a natural green curtain made up of coconut palm trees, a small forest with neem trees, a planting of pitahaya that helps us to counteract the odors generated by the plant.

We take great care in treating wastewater and solid waste products of our activity.


PRODUCTOS PESQUEROS S.A. PRODUPES, is committed to social assistance with the community, annually hosting Christmas celebrations for the residents of the community, collaborating with the needs of the sector, as well as contributing with donations to foundations dedicated to social work in favor of the most vulnerable populations. .

SHEKINAH Assistance and protection to children and adolescents at risk.
RIO MANTA Health promotion and care for the elderly and disabled, chronically ill with scarce resources in the united neighborhoods of Manta
CREA Knowledge analysis, development and dissemination center.