Strict Management with regards to hygiene

We offer our customers the safest products available in the market. Even before alimentary safety became a public concern, management of hygienic and safe fishing products was substantially considered. Therefore, it is natural that our processing plant corresponds to the management of international general hygiene and know production techniques such as “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point” (HACCP). This includes a high level of safety and hygiene, not only when manufacturing, but also towards the environment. The constant issue is to provide “provider safe products.”

Authorized Plant searching a maximum safety

HACCP “Hazzard Analysis and Critical Control Point” system was developed in the 60s in the United States, for guaranteeing safety of food outdoors, security in outer space, as well as safety of manufactured products. It demands the manufacturer a high level of safety with regards to the level of hygiene its employees, the processing plant, and the environment. Similar to the products to be consumed outdoors, special attention is especifically necessary during the production of fishing products. Our policy of “higher trust in our products through more safety” has a porpuse to decrease the risk of microbial contamination and the inclusion of foreign substances that allows us to offer high quality products, the ones that are “truly safer.”
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